3 Ways to Style a Peek-a-boo Chic Skirt Extender

Happy Tuesday Ladies,

Can't believe it's only one week until Christmas. How are your Holiday preparations coming? Do you have all your Christmas shopping and baking done? I'm pretty much done with my Christmas shopping, but still have a long way to go with my wrapping... I started baking yesterday, but still have a bunch more cookies to make. 

Today I wanted to show you 3 ways to style one of Peek-a-boo Chic's skirt extenders.
They are a great way to add length to that piece in your wardrobe that is just a little too short or just to add a bit of pizzaz to your outfit. Peek-a-boo Chic has so many skirt extender options, different colors, lace, chiffon, and even gingham!! The Extender I have is their Iris Chiffon layering skirt. You can click here ↓ to shop and use code: ELIZABETH10 to save!
It is so beautiful and excellent quality!

Look #1

I love how this outfit turned out. I took this metallic pencil skirt that I had in my wardrobe for a while, with the extender underneath, and paired it with a chunky cowl knit sweater. I love how the Extender gives it a whole new look and adds a little more length! 

Look #2

Do you guys have a top or sweater that you love but it's on the shorter side and you are always pulling and tugging on it?!? This extender fixes that problem and makes it look even cuter! Just put it on like a tube top and then throw on your top or sweater. 

Look #3

Sometimes dresses are just a little too short for me, so I love that I can throw on this extender underneath and feel comfortable wearing it.

I hope this was helpful. Let me know in the comments what look was your favorite and how you would wear this great extender. Thank you again to Peek-a-boo Chic for sending it to me. 



  1. Elizabeth, those photos for Look #2 are too cute! Your photos are always so on point and look so professional!


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