January Favorites 2019

 Hey Ladies,
Can't believe that January is already over!!! Today I wanted to share with you some of the items I have been loving this last month.


I'm so in love with this dress from My Sister's Closet Boutique!! It is so pretty and feminine, but also very comfortable. The Fabric is so soft and I love the ruffled sleaves and hemline, it also has pockets.
Click here to shop - Bevan Stripe Dress and use code STYLEDLIFE10 to receive 10% off your order.
They have so many other gorgeous pieces on their website also. You should definitely check them out. http://www.mysisterscloset-boutique.com/


My favorite accessory is this beautiful necklace that my 6 year old nephew Seth gave me for Christmas. He was so excited, he had to give it to me early! <3  


I also got this gorgeous Sephora Eye shadow palette for Christmas. It has been my go to Palette this month!! The colors are so pretty!!


I was so excited to read this book by one of my favorite authors and it definitely didn't disappoint!! She had me laughing out loud at several occasions.


Does anyone else go through stages where you love a certain song for a few weeks and play it over and over and then in a few weeks it changes to a different song??? Lately I have been loving "God Said I Love You" by The Clark Family. All their music is amazing, if you haven't listened to them before you definitely should!!


Winter Love Story was my favorite Hallmark movie this month. I just loved both of the actors, the story, just everything!!!


With all this cold weather I love having a cup of tea everyday, Wild Berry Zinger has always been one of my favorites, but a few weeks ago  I tried putting lemon in it and let me tell you it is so good. It makes it taste like a berry lemonade. SO YUMMY!!! 


I have been loving Popcorn lately... weather its air popped or this Yummy Sweet and Salty Popcorn. This stuff is amazing!!!

That's it for today. Please let me know if you enjoyed this and if it's something you would like me to do each month.

Thanks for reading!



  1. That dress is just so pretty! And I'm loving it on you! I have heard so much about the Clark Family but still haven't listened to them yet. And mmm, I might have to try this tea! I love the berry flavors ;)


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